About Us

Multi Sphere Trading. Incorporated is a privately owned company that was established under Philippine law and founded on 22nd of August 2000. The company engages in development, operating, leasing, subleasing of prime commercial & residential properties around Metro Manila.

The company primarily focuses on high end commercial & residential properties that is convenient to urban locations with easy access to offices as well as leisure and entertainment amenities in Metro Manila.


We allow our people to make decisions within their limits and be accountable for their actions.


We do the right thing with Integrity & Honor.


We build with the future in mind and we care enough to go extra mile.


We give our best in all that we do as we develop and support our people while building a strong sense of ownership for delivering our products and services.

Products & Business Lines

To carry the business in an organized and efficient manner that develops, operates, leases & subleases prime commercial & residential properties around Metro Manila. We are proud to contribute to the community by establishing centered uplifting surrounding areas through the services we offer.

Our brand is about integrity, professionalism and excellence. We design quality products and experiences for all our customers.

Our Team

We are composed of bright and dedicated team that have years of experience working in related fields. The MSTI team honors hard work, values integrity, and understands urban development.

Our Clients

We are proud to work with clients from different industries. It gives us immense satisfaction to transform our visions as well as their vision into projects that shape our community.

Some of our Projects


Club United Sports & Recreation

Club United is a sports and recreation complex located in Metro Manila. We offer a wide array of sporting and leisure activities, creating a fun-filled atmosphere for guests and visitors to flourish in. Club United’s vision is to ignite passion, build character and create an inclusive club community. Our vision can only be achieved if our club is one where every individual participant, whether a guest, sports participant, volunteer, supporter or administrator feels safe, welcome and included.

Club United’s logo is the Mandala. The utilization of the mandala symbolizes unity and completeness.